Recognize great work, get rewarded

69% of employees say they would work harder if they felt appreciated. Boost performance with public recognition.

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We make recognition fun

Companies that implement employee recognition programs enjoy 31% lower turnover rates

Authentic appreciation

Show your colleagues you appreciate them, you might even win something!

Live leaderboards

Easily check who's been killing the recognition game with leaderboards!

Awesome rewards

Each month, the top recognition givers and receivers win various prizes!

58% of employees say public recognition would increase their engagement

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How it works


Recognize a peer in Slack with the 🎉

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Leaderboard scores update in real-time

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PerkUp supplies the first month's rewards

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Bring yourcompany values to the spotlight

When recognition is tied to a company’s core values, the program is 70% more likely to be adopted.

With values-based recognition, employees will:

Put more effort into their work
Show more commitment to your company
Become stronger contributors

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Recognize great work, get rewarded

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